Slot Machine Repair

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Free Slot machine repair manuals

Players Edge S-Plus manual

DBV 200 Manual

IGT Fortune I manual

IGT Fortune II

S-Plus Manual

RAM CLear procedures Bally 6000, Bally 5500, Willams, Sigma, IGT S-Plus


Bally 5500

Bally 6000

Bally Game maker



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Slot Machines have been a part of the gambling world for many years now. In the early years, slot machines where thought of as a novelty, or something to keep the wife busy while the real games were played. All this began to change in the 1960’s, when slot machines began to rise in popularity. By the early 1980’s slot machines began to account for as much as half of a casino’s income. At the present, slot machines clearly rule when it comes to gambling. Casino slot machines can account for as much as 70 to 80 percent of wagering done.
I cannot include every machine ever made as it would not fit in this book. The main games I will cover are the Players-Edge Plus and the Slot-Plus. These games were produced by IGT (International Gaming Technology) and are some of the most popular games ever made. IGT games by far-out number any other slot machine manufacture. Most casinos have 50 to 80 percent of their slot floors filled with IGT games. For this reason I have chosen the Players-Edge Plus and Slot-Plus games to explain slot machine repair.
If you need to fix a different type of game, the same theory will still apply. Certain things will be different, such as error codes and the games software. But much as in the way automobile manufacturers are different, there is still the same basic theory applied in way that they operate.
All slot machine manufacturers provide manuals for each slot machine they produce. These manuals appear cryptic, but provide a wealth of information. If you are working in a casino, the manuals for each slot machine are usually provided. If you are at home however, and don’t have your slot machine’s manual, try to acquire one. You can do this by contacting the manufacture or a local slot shop. (I have set up a site to download the S-Plus or PE-Plus manuals at )

What Kind of Machine Do You Have?
There are three types of cabinet; the UPRIGHT, the SLANT-TOP and the BAR-TOP. The upright games are the most common cabinets and simply sit upright. The slant-top games are games that lean out in the middle (you can set things on a slant-top as you play them). Bar-top games are made to slide into a pre made cabinet at a bar so they will be flat and small.
The main identification on slot machines is a serial tag located on the outside of the machine. On upright games, the tag is located on the lower right-hand side. For slant-top games it will be located below the armrest on the right hand side. And bar-top games the front right hand side. The serial tag should have the manufacture, serial number, date made and the model number.
Slot Machine Basics
Slot machines took a huge leap forward in the late 1970’s with the invention of microelectronics, up until then, all slot machines where entirely mechanical or electro- mechanical. With the use of microelectronics, the video poker game was born, along with much more efficient slot-reel games. The old mechanical games used all kinds of springs, levers and gears to carry out its functions.
With microelectronics, almost all of these functions are placed on a single circuit board. There are several circuit boards in modern slot machines, but one circuit board stands out as the most important. This board is called the MPU (Main Processing Unit).


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